A Brazilian artist and writer, born in 1967,
educated in South America - Curitiba - Brazil at the Music and Fine Arts School EMBAP.
In England, he attended courses and art studios in London.
Piasson has had many individual and collective exhibitions in Brazilian, North America and Europe,
also a book published in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
Piasson is an artist who has already made a great impression on the art scene in South America - Brazil since early age
and has held an great exhibitions of his works in England and North America.

"With a well-structured and consistent work,
developed with abstractions that suggest movement and lightness,
he gives it a spacial aspect, although the
speciality of Piasson is in the narrow relationship with the spiritual plane,
a kind of trip to the soul, that is a mirror of our inner world,
adding to the feeling that the paint strokes suggest intense movement,
a sort of restlessness that take the spectator to some interesting and amazing experiences.
Surprisingly many of his works floating like mobile sculpture design
suspended in the air creating a spatial sensation of disquieting fascination.
Some works are kinetic powered by the wind... A tiny movement of the air
It is sufficient to move, such as a person passing beside.
The work want to fly off from the merely material realm
and the restlessness of this physical realm of painting
is a counterpoint to the subtleness the personal
and spiritual worlds of the artist.
The key to the beginning of an understanding of the magnetism
that Piasson's art seems to instill in people.

In recent works the format of his canvases refer a sailing.
The works has a frames design made from ultralight safety material.
His work is closely linked with the sea…
Inspirations from the ocean through its coexistence with the sea,
sailing, surfing and his passion for nature. Presently,
the paintings of Piasson represent a link between matter and spirit
which turns them into a fantastic visual experience. He points down,
as at the beginning of his career, and now even more intensely,
one of the many paths that are arising on the horizon of these new times,
and which could turn him into one of the most striking artists of his generation.”

Some exhibitions:
2015 - Spectrum Miami Art Show USA
2015 - Art Fusion Galleries Miami USA
2016 - Art & Design Gallery Miami USA
2015 -
Paul Fisher Gallery West Palm Beach USA
2016 - Art Medellín - Colombia
2008 - Solar Do Rosario Art Gallery
1996- Rio Covent Garden Café - London England
1995 - Art Tracion Gallery - Florianópolis - Brazil
1994 - Dell'Arte Brotto Gallery - Curitiba - Brazil
1993 - European Center - Curitiba - Brazil
1992 - Museum Casa de Portinari - Brodowski -São Paulo - Brazil
1991 - Agência Española de Cooperación Internacional - Curitiba - Brazil

1992 - Cultural Highlights Revelation Artist of 1992 " The Best of the Year " Popular Daily Newspaper - Brazil
2000 - Paraná Press Awards - “The Best
of Paraná by journalist Carlos Q. Maranhão”
2002 - Paraná Press Awards “Internacional Press (Paraná em Revista) "Paraná Magazine"

Mayfair School \ Covent Garden - London England
Agência Española de Cooperación Internacional
Dide Brandão Museum - Itajaí - Brazil
European Center - Curitiba - Brazil
England, United States, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Poland and Chile.

1987 Advertising designer
1990 Film Scenography
1991 Grafic Designer
Art Teacher since 1993
Owner of an Art School since 1993
Owner of a Faux Decorative Painting School since 1995
Organic farmer
Nautical Athlete


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